Our Technology + Your Phone = The Perfect Fit

Capturing Your Measurements

Using your phone's camera in our measurement app, you'll be accurately fitted on 15 different points to ensure that your MedTailor scrubs are a perfect fit. No measuring tape needed!

How it works

After you complete your order with MedTailor, we'll give you a link on the order confirmation page to download the measurement phone app.

Our app records a brief video and turns it into a full set or custom measurements. We've created the technology that can capture your dimensions with a simple 360 degree turn.

Body Scan Captured

In the measurement app, you'll put your phone down, step back 6 feet and turn around once. It takes less than 15 seconds!

3D Point Cloud Calculated

The measurement technology captures your 3D Point Cloud to accurately size your scrubs.

Measurement Report Created

The measurement app creates your unique body measurement report which is automatically associated with your order.

MedTailor will now manufacture your very own made-to-measure scrubs.

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Ready for Made-to-Measure scrubs?

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Worry-Free Fit Guarantee

Our Worry-Free fit guarantee provides you with a risk free experience.

If you're not happy with your MedTailor scrubs, you can choose a free remake or full refund within 30 days of receiving your scrubs.